Why Protein Crops?


Local-grown protein crops are a sustainable opportunity…


By growing more plant proteins locally we reduce pressure on deforestation in South America and avoid long distance transportation. Moreover, legume protein crops have the unique ability, in symbiosis with soil bacteria, to fertilize themselves so that little to no nitrogen fertilization is needed. They also improve soil health and add biodiversity in crop rotation.

The call for a protein shift, including more direct human consumption of high-quality plant proteins, improves health and dramatically reduces our environmental footprint, but also requires higher quality seeds.



…That can bring value to our farmers


Even though the market request for locally produced plant proteins is high and ever growing, protein crops are often not the first crop of choice for European farmers. Protealis will use advanced breeding methods to generate new varieties that are adapted to our local conditions and are competitive at the farm level with other crop choices. Increased profitability and excellent characteristics as rotation crop can drive the revival of protein crops in Europe while bringing revenue and diversification to farmers.

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